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Conquering the Off-Road Market: How Events Drive Growth for Off-Road Companies

The off-road scene is a vibrant community fueled by passion, adventure, and a love for customized vehicles. Companies like Rocky Ridge Trucks and Swag Off-Road play a vital role in this ecosystem, providing enthusiasts with the tools and accessories to transform their trucks into capable off-road beasts. To reach their target audience and showcase their latest offerings, these companies actively participate in a variety of events, from the massive SEMA Show to regional off-road expos and dealer events.

SEMA: The Mecca of Automotive Innovation

The SEMA Show, held annually in Las Vegas, is the premier event for the automotive aftermarket industry. It's a platform for companies to unveil their latest products, connect with industry professionals, and generate buzz among enthusiasts. Off-road companies like Rocky Ridge and Swag Off-Road utilize SEMA to showcase their most innovative and customized trucks, equipped with their latest accessories.

Rocky Ridge Trucks:

  • Rocky Ridge has a strong presence at SEMA, showcasing their customized trucks and accessories in a dedicated trade show booth. Splash Tents, Inc. provides these large 60ft x 20ft displays in the form of floor displays and 10x20 branded logo tents along with a few table coverings and flag banners.

  • Their display typically features a variety of trucks, from lifted pickups to rugged SUVs, all equipped with their signature bumpers, skid plates, roof racks, and lighting solutions.

  • The company also uses SEMA to launch new product lines and generate excitement among potential customers and distributors.

Rocky Ridge 8ft Table Cover Franklin Springs GA.jpg
Rocky Ridge 8ft Table Cover Franklin Springs GA.jpg


Swag Off-Road:

  • Swag Off-Road leverages SEMA to showcase their extensive range of off-road gear and accessories, including suspension systems, winches, printed event tents, and recovery equipment.

  • Their booth often features interactive displays, allowing attendees to get hands-on with their products and understand their capabilities.

  • SEMA provides a platform for Swag Off-Road to connect with off-road clubs, dealerships, and other industry partners, expanding their reach and brand awareness.

Beyond SEMA: Off-Road Expos and Dealer Events

While SEMA offers a global platform, off-road companies also participate in regional events to connect with local enthusiasts and dealers. These events, often held in areas with strong off-road communities, provide a more intimate setting for showcasing products and building relationships.

Off-Road Expos:

  • Events like Overland Expo and various regional off-road shows attract a dedicated audience of off-road enthusiasts and adventurers. Splash Tents, Inc. assists in raising brand awareness and brand building for such off-road exhibitors and is a go-to for all their floor exhibits as well as portable EZ Up tent displays directors chairs, printed table cloths and banners – you name it.

  • Companies like Rocky Ridge and Swag Off-Road use these events to display their products in a real-world setting, demonstrating their functionality and durability.

  • Attendees can interact with company representatives, learn about new products, and even test out equipment on designated off-road courses.

Dealer Events:

  • Off-road companies often collaborate with dealerships that sell their products to host events like unveilings, test drives, and customer appreciation days.

  • These events provide a more targeted opportunity to reach potential customers who are already interested in off-road trucks and accessories.

  • Companies can showcase their products directly on vehicles, allowing customers to visualize how they could transform their own trucks.

The Power of a Well-Presented Display: Splash Tents, Inc. and StarShade Tents

When attending events, off-road companies need to ensure their display is visually appealing, functional, and provides a comfortable space for interacting with customers. This is where Splash Tents, Inc. and their StarShade tents come into play.

Splash Tents, Inc.:

Splash Tents, Inc., founded in 2009 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, specializes in manufacturing custom event tents and tradeshow displays. The company delivers high-quality, durable products tailored to enhance brand visibility and audience engagement, serving various industries, from sports to healthcare. With over 3,000 business collaborations, including partnerships with IKEA, UBER, Toyota, AUDI, and ADIDAS, Splash Tents has established itself as a leader in the event marketing products industry. Their commitment to customization and customer service ensures timely and effective solutions for marketing needs.


The StarShade 200:

This unique tent from Splash Tents, Inc. offers several advantages for off-road companies:

  • Visually striking: The four sides of this tent create a unique pyramid shape that will draw attention and help your brand stand out.

  • Spacious and open: It's a tension fabric structure supported by a single center-pole, offering a spacious and open area.

  • Easy setup: The StarShade 200 or the Splash ARC can be set up quickly and easily in about 40-60 minutes. StarShades are offered in various sizes 200sqft. 400sqft. 685sqft, 800sqft, 1365sqft. Etc.

  • StarShade 200 Portable: It folds down into 3 carry bags that fit in most standard vehicles.

  • Customizable: Splash Tents offers custom printing on StarShade, allowing you to showcase your brand and products prominently.

Splash Tents: A Go-To Supplier for Off-Road Companies and Beyond

By consistently delivering high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and innovative solutions, Splash Tents, Inc. has become a go-to supplier for off-road companies of all sizes, as well as organizations across various industries. Whether it's a local event like the Dallas Off-the-Road Bicycle Association or White Rock Rowing in Dallas, TX, a national brand like Pepsi in Guam, or a global organization like United Way in Puerto Rico, Splash Tents offers nationwide and international shipping to support your event needs.

With Splash Tents on speed dial, companies and organizations can confidently navigate the event landscape, showcasing their products, services, or initiatives in style and maximizing their return on investment.


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