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Schools pick Splash Tents for their cross country tents....

Schools and university teams can leverage a 10x10 branded pop up tent featuring their mascot in numerous ways to enhance visibility and school spirit at various events. Here are some benefits:

Increased Visibility:

  • A colorful tent with a large mascot logo instantly attracts attention and creates a designated team area at track and field meets, tailgating parties, and cross country events.

  • This can be a central gathering point for team members, alumni, and supporters to meet, relax, and strategize.

School Spirit Booster:

  • The prominent mascot logo on the tent serves as a constant visual reminder of school pride, fostering a stronger sense of team spirit and camaraderie among athletes, coaches, and fans.

  • By offering shade and shelter from the elements, the tent becomes a comfortable space for team members to rest and regroup between events.

Protection from the Elements:

  • Pop-up tents provide much-needed shade and protection from the sun for athletes, coaches, and fans during outdoor track and field meets, tailgating events, and cross country races.

  • They can also offer shelter from rain or unexpected showers, ensuring a level of comfort throughout the event.

Promotional Opportunities:

  • The tent itself becomes a large, branded billboard for the school or university. By placing sponsor logos alongside the mascot, schools can generate additional revenue to support their athletic programs.

  • Schools can also use the tent to display team achievements, advertise upcoming games or events, and distribute promotional materials.

Additional Considerations:

  • When choosing a pop-up tent, consider factors like portability, ease of assembly, durability, and weather resistance.

  • Opt for a tent with flame-retardant materials for safety, especially during tailgating events where grills and open flames might be present.

  • Explore additional branding options like custom sidewalls with team slogans or sponsor logos for maximum impact.

Why Splash Tents makes a Splash for School Events?

5 Reasons to Choose them beyond the general advantages of branded pop-up tents for schools and universities, Splash Tents offer specific features that make them ideal for school events:

1. Durability Built to Last:

School events can get rowdy, especially during spirited tailgating parties. Splash Tents prioritize robust construction to withstand enthusiastic crowds and unpredictable weather.

  • Heavy-Duty Frame:  Splash Tents often utilize thicker Steel and Aluminum frames compared to standard pop-up tents. This translates to a sturdier structure that resists bending or collapsing under strong winds or heavy loads. Look for frames made from anodized aluminum, which offers superior corrosion resistance, perfect for withstanding the elements year after round.

  • High-Quality Canopy Fabric:  Splash Tents uses weather-resistant 600 denier polyester, UV-protected fabrics. This ensures the tent not only provides shade but also protects occupants from harmful UV rays during outdoor events. The fabric should be fire-retardant for added safety, particularly during tailgating where grills and open flames are common.

  • Secure Anchoring System:  Schools often set up tents on grass fields or parking lots. Splash Tents may comes with innovative anchoring solutions like weighted water or weight bags or heavy-duty stakes that firmly secure the tent to the ground, preventing wind gusts from lifting or dislodging it.

2. Safety Features for Active Environments:

School events, especially track and field meets and cross country races, involve a lot of movement. Here's where Splash Tents prioritize safety:

  • Flame-Retardant Materials:  As mentioned earlier, Splash Tents often prioritizes fire-retardant fabrics in their canopies. This is crucial during tailgating parties where grills and open flames are used nearby.

  • Stable Design:  The combination of a sturdy frame, secure anchoring system, and high-quality fabric contributes to a stable tent structure. This minimizes the risk of the tent collapsing and injuring bystanders or athletes.

  • Optional Sidewalls:  Splash Tents offers sidewall panels that can be attached to the tent frame. These sidewalls can provide additional wind protection and create a more enclosed space for storing equipment or offering a shaded refuge for athletes.

3. Ease of Use for Busy Schedules:

School staff and volunteers often have limited time to set up and dismantle tents before and after events. Splash Tents prioritize user-friendliness:

  • Quick Assembly:  At Splash Tents, Inc. we utilize an innovative pop-up design with easy-to-connect frame components to form an EZ Up pop up tent. This allows for quick assembly by a single person. Yes, a single person - minimizing setup time and allowing schools to focus on other event preparations.

  • Lightweight Construction:  While Splash Tents prioritize durability, they also strive to be lightweight. This makes them easier to transport and maneuver, especially for volunteers and staff who may not be accustomed to heavy lifting.

  • Carrying Bags for Easy Storage:  Our tents come with convenient carrying bags that allow for compact storage. This is beneficial for schools with limited storage space, and the bags also protect the tent components during transport.

4. Vibrant Branding and Customization Options:

School spirit thrives on visual representation. Here's where Splash Tents allow schools to showcase their colors:

  • High-Quality Printing:  Splash Tents may offer superior digital printing options for your mascot logos and school colors on the tent canopy. This ensures vibrant visuals that grab attention and enhance brand recognition at events. We also blow the logos to as-large-as-possible so that they can be seen from 50+ feet away.

  • Customizable Sidewalls:  As mentioned earlier, Splash Tents offers sidewall panels that can be customized with additional school branding, sponsor logos, or team slogans. This allows schools to maximize their branding potential and potentially generate additional revenue from sponsorships.

  • Tabletop Options:  At Splash Tents we offer compatible tabletops or table covers or table cloths that can fit your existing tables. We also design custom sized table covers to fit your existing tables - if they are customized. This creates a designated space for displaying team information, distributing promotional materials, or even setting up a merchandise booth.

5. Excellent Customer Service and Warranty:

Unexpected situations can arise during events. Here's where Splash Tents can provide peace of mind:

  • Responsive Customer Support:  Splash Tents offers reliable customer service representatives who can answer questions, troubleshoot any assembly issues, or help source replacement parts if needed.

  • Comprehensive Warranties:  Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and our tents are prone to last over 5+ years. Some clients have been using tents for over 12 years and come back to us to reprint tops. This ensures a level of protection for your investment and minimizes the risk of out-of-pocket expenses.

By considering these five key factors, Splash Tents emerges as a compelling choice for schools and universities seeking durable, safe, user-friendly, and highly customizable 10x10, 10x15 or 10x20 sized pop-up tents that can elevate their presence and enhance school spirit at various events.

To get a free mock-up with your mascot on our 10x10 pop up tent or 10x20 tent, please send us an email to or contact us at 214.432.4025 and talk to one of our representatives. Check out our 300+ facebook, yelp and google reviews to hear what our clients have to say about us.

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