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Parks and Recreation TRUST Splash Tents, Inc.

Attract visitors and generate excitement for upcoming events with vibrant, custom-designed Splash Tents. Use them for registration areas, information booths, or product giveaways, ensuring your brand stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

Summertime Savior: As the temperatures rise, Splash Tents provide much-needed shade and protection during outdoor activities. Whether it's concession stands at athletic centers, playgrounds, or community events, our tents create comfortable gathering spaces for all ages.

Athletic Advantage: Splash Tents are ideal for athletic fields and sports facilities. Offer shade for coaches, referees, or spectators during games. Our tents can also be used as designated areas for equipment storage or hydration stations, keeping athletes cool and focused.

Community Connection: From outdoor movie nights to neighborhood gatherings, Splash Tents provide a versatile and functional space for fostering community spirit. Create a central hub for events, allowing residents to connect and enjoy the outdoors comfortably.

Our long term clients such as: City of Fayetteville, Sarasota County, City of Euless, City of Dallas, City of Richardson, City of Frisco, City of Richardson & City of Plano are just a few of our clients that have continued to believed in us with their long lasting relationships. All this is possible only if we continue to provide the A+ service and a superior quality product. 

Custom Printed Canopy


Beyond the Basics: Splash Tents offers a variety of sizes and styles to fit your specific needs. Choose from lightweight pop-up canopies for easy setup and portability, or explore our durable tension tents for larger events. We also offer complete customization options, allowing you to showcase your park's logo or event themes with bold colors and vibrant graphics.

The image is of the City of Plano's Clean A Stream Initiative. 

Don't let summer scorch your events! Splash Tents, Inc. helps parks and recreation departments create a fun and functional environment for all their activities.

Contact Splash Tents today to discuss your park's needs and make a splash with your community!

Dallas Convention.jpg


To your right is a picture of City of Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Departments Splash Tents, 10x20 set-up and 2, 10x10 tents with a back wall and two side half walls along with a 9ft double sided razor flag. 

Everything is digitally printed -- which means the graphics don't come off even when you run a blade through the fabric. Yes, they are that good. 

10x15 digital graphic tent Fayetteville, NC.jpg
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