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Splash Tents: A Secret Weapon at Every Broadcast

Stand Out From the Crowd at Outdoor Events


Imagine a vibrant scene: a bustling festival, a live remote broadcast, or a high-profile press conference. Radio stations, TV channels, and news outlets constantly operate in these dynamic environments. But amidst the energy, are you getting lost in a sea of generic tents? Splash Tents, Inc. offers a powerful solution to elevate your brand presence with custom-branded, portable advertising tents. We've partnered with many of the top media outlets across the globe, such as FOX NEWS, iHeart Media, Stoughton Media Access Corporation and a ton of radio stations all across the U.S over the past 15+ years and are known for building one of the most durable and easy-to-use tents on the market!

Transform Your Tent into a Powerful Branding Tool


Forget about bland shelters that fail to make a statement! Splash Tents, Inc. tents are designed to amplify your brand message and solidify brand recognition. Imagine transforming your tent into a vibrant billboard with full-coverage digital printing showcasing your logo, call letters, or a captivating message in stunning detail. Unlike the plain white look of standard tents, Splash Tents grab attention and leave a lasting impression, significantly boosting your brand visibility. We also offer a cost-effective option with sharp, vacuum-heat-sealed screen printing, ensuring your brand stands out at any outdoor event.



Beyond Shelter: Versatility for Every Broadcast Need

Splash Tents, Inc. tents go far beyond basic shelter, offering unparalleled versatility to meet the diverse needs of media professionals:

  • Instant Visibility, Anywhere: Set up your custom 10x10 logoed tent in minutes with a Splash Tent at live broadcasts, press conferences, festivals, or even your station's doorstep! These tents provide much-needed shade and immediate brand recognition, fostering a professional image wherever you go. Attract viewers, engage sponsors, and project a polished image with a custom-branded tent that sets you apart from the competition.

  • Quick Setup, Maximum Impact: Unlike cumbersome tents that take precious time to assemble, Splash Tents boast a user-friendly design for instant setup without any assembly required in under record time - under 5 minutes! Yes, that is correct - under 5 minute set-up! This frees your valuable team to focus on what matters most – setting up equipment, conducting interviews, capturing captivating footage, or delivering engaging broadcasts. We understand that communication groups like yours use pop-up canopies frequently, sometimes at multiple locations in a single day. That's why our canopies are built for durability and lightning-fast setup, saving you precious time at every event.



Built to Last, Designed for Efficiency

Investing in a Splash Tent, Inc. tent means peace of mind:

  • Heavy-duty Construction: Our EZ canopies are engineered to withstand the rigors of frequent use and various weather conditions. Durable materials ensure your tent can handle anything from scorching summer sun to safeguarding your equipment and personnel during live broadcasts or outdoor shoots.

  • Quick and Easy Setup: Save precious production time at events with our streamlined design. Splash Tents allow for fast setup and takedown by your team, so you can get on the air quickly and capture important moments without delay.

  • Adaptable Branding: Since Splash Tents, Inc. is both the manufacturer and printer, we offer unmatched flexibility in branding. Your logo, call letters, or branding elements can be easily incorporated into the tent design. Additionally, we understand that branding needs may evolve over time. That's why Splash Tents allows for easy replacement of canopy tops and accessories if your logo or format changes. This ensures your tent always reflects your current branding, maintaining a professional and cohesive image.

Beyond the Tent: A Cohesive Branded Experience

Creating a comprehensive branded experience goes beyond the tent itself:

  • Attract Attention & Build Trust: Complement your Splash Tent with a variety of eye-catching signage options like table covers, bar stools or directors chairs, flag banners, teardrops, and pop-up banners. These additional elements expand your branding zone beyond the tent footprint, attracting viewers from a distance and reinforcing your station's professionalism. Imagine a cohesive branded space that makes a powerful statement and sets you apart at any event.

  • Broadcast Scenario: Our extensive line of accessories caters to a variety of broadcast needs. Whether you're conducting interviews, showcasing equipment at a trade show, or creating a dedicated broadcast space, Splash Tents, Inc. has you covered. We offer interview tables, weighted sidewalls, lighting solutions, and more, ensuring you have the tools you need to deliver professional broadcasts in any environment.

  • Maximize Visibility: Stake our complementary signage strategically around your event space to maximize visibility. Alternatively, conveniently clamp them directly to your branded canopy. This ensures your station rises above the crowd and attracts attention, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and potential sponsors.

The Splash Tents, Inc. Advantage

Investing in a Splash Tent, Inc. tent means a multitude of benefits for your media outlet:

  • Increased Brand Visibility and Recognition: Stand out from the crowd and solidify brand recognition at every event with a custom-branded tent.

  • Superior Weather Protection: Ensure the safety of your equipment and personnel with durable tents designed to withstand various weather conditions.

  • Hassle-Free Setup and Takedown: Save precious production time with our user-friendly design for instant setup and takedown.

  • Unmatched Customization Options: Create a truly branded experience with our full range of customization options for your advertising tent, logo canopy, or branded logo tent.

  • Durable Construction: Our tents are built to last, using heavy-duty materials that can endure frequent use.

Make a Splash at Every Broadcast!

Ready to elevate your media presence and leave a lasting impression? Contact Splash Tents, Inc. today!


Visit our website at or call us at 214.432.4025. You can also reach us by email at


We look forward to partnering with you to create a custom tent solution that perfectly reflects your brand and broadcast needs.

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