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UTILITY and SOLAR Companies take center stage with Splash Tents!


Event tents are a common sight at festivals, fairs, and outdoor gatherings. They provide a versatile, temporary space for a variety of activities. But beyond the realm of entertainment, event tents have become surprisingly useful tools for two seemingly disparate industries: utility companies such as RDR Energy, HMI, Wagner Smith Equipment and solar or energy companies such as Acacia Energy and ECC Solar to name a few. Let's dive into the innovative ways these companies are leveraging the power of printed pop up event tents from Splash Tents, Inc. to achieve their goals.


Utility Companies: Building Relationships and Ensuring Safety Under Canvas

For utility companies, event tents offer a unique platform for customer engagement and public service. Here are some key ways they utilize these temporary structures:

  • Customer Outreach and Education: Imagine a bustling community fair, with families enjoying rides and games. In the midst of the fun, a brightly colored tent stands out, splashed with the logo of the local utility company. Inside, friendly representatives answer questions about billing, energy efficiency programs, and new service offerings. This welcoming environment fosters positive customer interactions and builds trust within the community.

  • Public Safety Demonstrations: Safety is paramount for utility companies. Tents provide a controlled space for them to showcase important public safety information. They can set up interactive displays, conduct live demonstrations on electrical safety, or distribute educational materials on topics like carbon monoxide dangers or natural disaster preparedness. These demonstrations raise awareness and empower communities to make informed decisions.



Emergency Response: A Tentative Haven: When disaster strikes, utility companies are often at the forefront of restoration efforts. Outdoor event tents can be rapidly deployed to establish temporary command centers. These hubs coordinate response teams, store essential equipment, and provide a central point for communication and resource allocation. In the aftermath of a storm or other natural disaster, tents can also serve as temporary shelters for displaced residents, offering a much-needed sense of security and comfort.

RDR energy 10x15 pop up Morgantown WV.PNG

Solar Companies: Shining a Light on Sustainability with Temporary Structures

The solar industry is all about harnessing the power of the sun. But how can a temporary structure like a tent contribute to this mission? Here are some innovative ways solar companies are utilizing event tents:

  • Educational Workshops: Shedding Light on Solar Power: Imagine a group of homeowners gathered in a spacious tent, intently listening to a presentation on solar energy. Diagrams and models illuminate the benefits of solar panels, battery storage systems, and the overall process of installing a solar system. Educational workshops held under a tent provide a comfortable and engaging learning environment for potential customers. Solar companies can leverage these workshops to demystify the technology and showcase the cost-saving and environmental advantages of solar power.

  • Product Showcases: Bringing Solar Solutions to Life: Trade shows and industry events provide a valuable platform for solar companies to showcase their products and services. But instead of relying on a static booth, a well-designed tent can create a more immersive and impactful experience. Solar panels mounted on the tent frame can demonstrate their functionality in a real-world setting. Interactive displays can educate visitors on the different types of solar systems available. This hands-on approach allows potential customers to visualize how solar power can integrate seamlessly into their lives.

  • On-Site Installations: A Temporary tent cover for Sun Power: Solar panel installations typically involve working on rooftops. While sunny weather is ideal for solar power generation, it can be less than ideal for the installation crew. A strategically positioned tent can provide much-needed shade and protection from the elements during the installation process. This not only ensures the comfort and safety of the workers but also protects delicate equipment from potential damage. Additionally, tents can be used to create a controlled environment, minimizing dust and debris that might otherwise affect the installation site.


RDR energy 10x15 pop up Morgantown WV.PNG
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