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Making Your Events the Talk of the QUAD

 A branded pop up canopy with a school logo and colors creates a highly visible presence at any event. This can be particularly important for attracting attendees at things like college fairs or sporting events outside the school grounds. They can also be used to display information about admissions, programs, or upcoming events. Our portable event tents are also used at tailgating and for cross country. The most common size for schools and universities is the 10 x 20 EZ Up Eclipse II tent - full bleed digitally printed with logos, or any message you like. We offer school discounts on multiple unit orders. 


Branded tents are also a great way to showcase school spirit at sporting events, homecoming celebrations, or alumni gatherings. They create a sense of place and community for students, faculty, and alumni.


Student groups can also use branded pop-up tents of all sizes especially the standard 10x10 sized custom event pop up tent to promote themselves at events or during club fairs.

10x20 pop up tent Alexandria Virginia Dowden Terrace.jpg


Here is an image of our client a swim team "Dowden Terrace Dolphins"  in Alexandria, VA: taking shade under our 10x20 Eclipse EZ Up Splash Tent. You can visit them for more info on their programs (swim meets) and offerings. 



The Perfect Splash Tent for Every School Department..

Schools and organizations of all sizes are a big part of the family!


We know custom printing is a major way to showcase school spirit and academic achievements at events. From spirit weeks and club rushes to parent meetings and alumni gatherings, a bit of shade can make all the difference. That's where a custom 10x15 or 10x20 SplashTent canopy comes in!

We've partnered with massive school districts, universities, Greek life, and small clubs alike. Each group has unique needs, whether it's navigating bids, purchase orders, or fitting within a budget. Our custom design specialists are experts at understanding these challenges and getting you into a custom


Splash Tent that will last and be the star of the show.

Upload your logos to at or simply call us at 214.432.4025 and speak to one of our representatives and they will guide you in the right direction. 

School 10x20 Track and Field Premium Splash Tent Georgia.jpg
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