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Score Big with Splash Tents!

From little leagues to major league dreams, Splash Tents has your team covered. 

Trusted by Leaders in Sports: Fox Sports, NBA, LOS ANGELES LAKERS, Capelli Sports New York, Rockland Boulders Baseball, ADIDAS, and the New York Yankees are just a few of the leading sports brands that Splash Tents, Inc. has partnered with. We understand that you, like these industry leaders, are looking for a long-term relationship with a tent provider that prioritizes exceptional customer service and top-quality products.


Splash Tents: The Difference is Clear

Sure, there are other tent companies out there. But Splash Tents are built to last, designed to make your team look unique, and crafted to help you build a strong brand. Our commitment to quality and service is why industry leaders choose Splash Tents.

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Our pop-up tents for sports are perfect for every athletic event, offering benefits for:


  • Sideline Sanctuary: Create a comfortable shaded area for players and coaches to escape the heat, strategize during breaks, or store equipment.

  • Fan Favorite: Showcase team spirit with a custom Splash Tent, boosting team pride and attracting fans with eye-catching branding.

  • Fundraising Central: Utilize your Splash Tent as a booth for booster club activities, selling merchandise, or raising funds for your program.

Track & Field and Cross Country:

  • Post-Race Oasis: Provide a cool, shaded space for athletes to recover after grueling runs, stay hydrated, and mentally prepare for upcoming events.

  • Team Territory: Establish a designated area for athletes to store belongings, change clothes, and bond as a team before and after competitions.

  • All-Weather Protection: Shield athletes from harsh sun with a Splash Tent, ensuring optimal performance conditions.

Baseball and Softball:

  • Dugout Defense: Offer players a shaded refuge from the sun during long games, allowing them to stay cool and focused between innings.

  • Merchandise Marvel: Transform your Splash Tent into a promotional booth, showcasing team gear and attracting new fans with vibrant team colors and logos.

  • League HQ: Set up a central hub for checking in teams, providing information to parents and fans, or keeping score throughout the day.

Basketball and Hockey (Outdoor Events):

  • Time Out Tent: Provide a shaded area for athletes to rest, strategize, and rehydrate during breaks or timeouts, especially for important outdoor games.

  • Fan Zone: Create a branded space for fans to gather, show team spirit, and enjoy refreshments during the competition.

  • Equipment Haven: Keep essential gear protected from the elements with a secure and easily accessible storage solution under your Splash Tent.


  • Sideline Shade: Keep players cool and focused on the field with a Splash Tent for coaches and substitutes.

  • Goal Celebrations Galore: Commemorate every victory with a festive Splash Tent, creating a team spirit hub for post-goal celebrations.

  • League Organization: Set up Splash Tents as registration booths, information centers, or concession stands, keeping your soccer league running smoothly.


The Ultimate Mobile Hub:

Just like pop-up baseball tents, Splash Tents offer exceptional mobility for teams on the go. They're perfect for:

  • Displaying Merchandise: Showcase your team's spirit and gear, attracting new players and fans with a vibrant and branded Splash Tent.

  • Streamlining Operations: Set up a central location for checking in league teams and players, keeping things organized and efficient.

  • Answering Questions: Splash Tents provide a visible and accessible spot for anyone to approach coaches or organizers with inquiries.

Built to Last, Built for You:

Splash Tents are crafted with durability to withstand the demands of sports seasons. We offer a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs, from easy pop-up options for smaller teams to spacious shelters for large groups.


Recruiting Made Easy:

Splash Tents provide a valuable tool for promoting your program and attracting new talent. Their visibility and accessibility make them ideal for showcasing your team, answering questions, and checking in players.

Whether you're a small club or a professional team, Splash Tents has the perfect pop-up solution to elevate your athletic events.

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