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10x10 Tents for New Businesses or Start Ups or Small Businesses..

Yes, we work with small businesses and start ups to create their dream display at a competitive price.

Be it a small dairy farm #oldwindmilldairy requiring a 10x10 tent for shade with their logo and graphics (shown below) or a pizza store #3guyspizzapies or a small mom and pop store that sells fire and ice treats #fireandicetreats at amusement parks and other events - we have you covered.

All of our tents no matter what will have unlimited graphics (at no additional cost). There are no set-up charges, placement charges or color charges.

Contact us with your logo, tagline and anything you would like on your tent. If you don't have a color in mind - no worries. Our designers will come up with a customized mock-up keeping your brand colors or guidelines in mind and put together a stunning mock-up at no additional cost that will blow you away. :)

Call 214.432.4025 to get started or email

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