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An honor to work with the World Leader in Concrete Lifting, Equipment and Training. HMI Company chooses Splash Tents as their go-to for promotions and marketing campaigns.

A World Leader in Concrete lifting training, manufacturing Concrete Lifting Equipment and Material - HMI Company.

If you are looking to begin, expand, or grow your concrete raising business, HMI is the name to know. To help you achieve your goals, they offer comprehensive support and training. They have multiple resources available for entrepreneurs or startup businesses, and they provide guidance from training and equipment selection all the way to on-site project support.

Why Choose HMI Company?


One of the benefits of raising concrete with polyurethane, is the availability of reliable material. Their polyurethane foam materials are specifically designed for different applications, from lightweight residential concrete raising to high density polyurethane foam material for heavy highways and industrial flow projects, underwater settings to loose soil stabilizations, the HMI poly difference is in the results.

When raising concrete, reliability and precision are critical. One of the benefits of choosing polyurethane for concrete raising is the availability of reliable material. Polyurethane foam materials from HMI are engineered specifically for unique applications. Whether you’re working on a lightweight residential concrete raising project or you need high-density polyurethane foam.

  • HMI Recycled Foam LineHMI offers an environmentally responsible line of polyurethane concrete raising products produced using recycled and renewable materials. This line includes polyurethane foam suitable for applications that include residential, commercial/industrial, undersealing/stabilizing joints, and D.O.T. infrastructure repair.

  • HMI HydroFOAM LineHydroFOAM line is designed specially for sub-grade applications when exposed to groundwater, and will set up in water without shrinking. HydroFOAM products are perfect for deep foamjection applications for residential, highway, and industrial.

  • HMI Specialty MaterialHMI Specialty Material’s line of foam products is formulated using environmentally responsible materials. These products have USDA-Certified Biobased Product approval, and deliver impressive reaction times while reducing the need for petroleum-based raw materials. Their Specialty Material is perfect for void filling, as well as binding and stabilizing loose soils.

Another reason is their Deep Foamjection™ The fast growing profitable alternative to compaction grouting and piering repairs. Featured in the 2019 Publication for Concrete and Contractor Magazine, Paul Delfino, March 11 2019.

Sea Walls can be reinforced and stabilized while mitigating future deterioration of wave and wake action. Injecting polyurethane foam at various depths, in areas where soil problems exist is not new. The process has been deployed for decades but protected by patents which limited the number of contractors providing the service. Now with patents expired and foam concrete repair technology blooming, many firms may wish to evaluate the introduction of this emerging repair alternative to service governmental, commercial and even residential markets. The process is fast, permanent, non-obtrusive, highly profitable and may require less capital commitment for entry than historic compaction grouting and piering systems.

HMI's dedicated team is here to to assist you in every step of your project! From troubleshooting, to providing expert guidance on how to approach a lift, committed to delivering top-notch assistance that exceeds your expectations. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just getting started, we've got you covered!

Reach out to your Dedicated Account Manager today and experience the difference with HMI! Let's elevate your concrete lifting projects together. 800-626-2464.

Stand Out From the Crowd!

In today's competitive marketplace, brand visibility is crucial. Every interaction with potential customers is an opportunity to make a lasting impression. For businesses that participate in outdoor events, trade shows, or even backyard sales, a custom logo tent from Splash Tents can be a game-changer.

Call us today at 214.432.4025 if you don't know where to start and let our team assist you in designing a beautiful custom booth that will not only blow you away but is a walking billboard for your company.

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